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Saving Costs 
1) LED lighting uses around 30% of the power of the equivalent fluorescent tube, so saves around 70% of your lighting electricity bill. 
2) LED lights last far longer than other types of light, rated to 50,000 hours which is the equivalent of 12-20 years of normal use. In comparison, fluorescent tubes usually only last 1-2 years so have to be regularly replaced. That means lower maintenance costs with LED, less down-time and less disruption in your premises and a far lower lifetime cost. 
3) Low cost lease finance is available so that LED installations can be implemented with no deposit or capital cost. The lease can be fully funded by the electrical cost savings over a 5 year period, so your business can gain all these benefits without any capital outlay at all. 
4) Installations of energy efficient LED lighting are encouraged by the Government via the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme (ECA). This allows companies to offset the cost of the LED installation against Corporation Tax, effectively saving companies up to 28% of the installation cost in the first year of usage. 
Saving the Environment 
5) LED lights contain no harmful chemicals or toxic by-products, which are problems that make fluorescent tubes inconvenient and difficult to dispose of. That’s one reason why the EU are outlawing fluorescent and halogen lights by 2020. But why wait, you can start saving immediately. 
6) An average installation of LED lights, in an office for example, can save up to 30-50 metric tonnes of CO2 each year. We’ll calculate the exact reduction in your own carbon footprint. 
7) Your reduced energy use impacts on power generation, as power that isn’t used doesn’t need to be generated. That creates less environmental impact and reduces problems with power generation capacity. 
Improving Health and Working Environments 
8) LED lights don’t flicker, unlike fluorescent tubes which can cause eyestrain, headaches and missed working days. 
9) An LED light emits far less heat than any other light source, so you don’t waste energy generating heat that you don’t want. Often air conditioning units are needed to remove hot stuffy air created as a by-product of inefficient lighting, using even more energy. Avoid that problem by using cooler LED units. 
10) LED light fittings don’t have to warm up to operating temperature, so can provide instant bright white light on turn-on. Fluorescent tubes in comparison power cycle on switch on, wasting energy and only creating light after several seconds. 
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